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I discovered the wonderful world of professional wrestling in the late 70s.  I grew up in the Portland, OR area so my first exposure was Don Owen Promotions and Portland Wrestling.  Awesome!  The first live match I ever went to was Rowdy Roddy Piper and Bad News Tim Brooks vs Andre The Giant.  The promoter both signed and flew in top talent.  Andre was flown in for the show and Don already had Piper and Brooks signed to the territory.  It was a typical Andre The Giant 2-on-1 squash match (Piper was a heel at the time), but it was so much fun!  Back in those days, there were no mats around the ring and there were no barriers between you and the wrestlers.  People actually were part of the show.  You could jump up and start screaming at a wrestler and they would often come up to you and start screaming right back.  Kayfabe was king back then!

I was a child of the territory days: Georgia, Florida, Portland (PNW Wrestling), UWF, World Class Championship Wrestling, AWA, Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic, and on and on.  They all worked with one another and helped each other out, all for the sake of the fans.  The majority of them really cared about the fans and the sport of pro wrestling. I am NOT a fan of "sports entertainment." This is Pro Wrestling.  The good stuff.

I could go on and on.  I love talking pro wrestling.  I'll let you go about the business of searching and finding some terrific pro wrestling action figures, videos, toys, and other goodies.  As wrestling fans, we're in this together.  Enjoy your stay, top off your coffee, and I hope you find some amazing things!

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