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Welcome to the Star Trek section of Old Nerd's Toy Store.  Here you will find toys, action figures, statues, lunch boxes, and more, celebrating all things Star Trek, one of the most iconic pieces of science fiction ever created. 

I've been a major Trekkie/Trekker since the first day my dad introduced me to the show.  I was hooked!  I love the shows (TOS and Voyager are the best!), movies, props, books, and just about anything Trek.  I've been to numerous conventions.  I have things like Tribbles, Star Trek Funko POPs, a Bluetooth Communicator from the original series, Enterprise NCC-1701 blueprints, and more.  I used to argue with my best friend in grade school which was better: Star Trek or Star Wars.  I was the Trek guy and he was the Star Wars guy.  He was wrong, of course. ;)

Look around the shelves and see what you can find.  Enjoy!

Starship Enterprise
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