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3 Tools Every YouTube Creator Needs

Hola, gang!

I've been a Creator on YouTube since 2006, just a year after they opened their doors. I've had numerous channels and pumped out over 2,000 videos to date.

It's been a long road, but it's also been a ton of fun. As a Creator for that long, I love to share with others the good and helpful things I've learned, as well as the mistakes I've made. There's nothing nicer than being able to learn those things from someone who has trod that long and winding road.

I wanted to share 3 tools inside of TubeBuddy (my go-to platform when it comes to growing my YouTube channel) that I think every YouTube Creator needs.

Keyword Explorer:

  • This tool helps me to come up with keywords, tags, and video titles that help to get my videos ranked in search results and ultimately get more views.

  • I’m able to find long-tail search terms to better target what people are looking for on YouTube.

  • I get to discover trending Tags to keep my videos relevant long after they are published

SEO Studio:

  • I’m able to easily optimize my video’s metadata (title, description, and tags), based on YouTube’s own recommended best practices, so that my videos can be found -- this has made SEO so much easier for me! It's all about working smarter and not harder!

Video A/B Testing:

  • This tool helps me to test titles, thumbnails, tags and descriptions to find what works best for my channel.

  • I can back up theories about what thumbnails work best for my audience.

  • I can find the best style for my thumbnails to drive the most clicks.

There are over 80 other tools inside of TubeBuddy to help grow YOUR own channel today. I can tell you that this has been the best things I've invested in for my channels.

Here’s a special link that will get you 30 Days for FREE on any of TubeBuddy’s paid plans, so you can get unlimited access to all of their features:

So far, there have been over 7,000,000 YouTube Channels that have installed TubeBuddy!

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