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Crypto Currency For The Win!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I am loving crypto currency!!!

My son introduced it to me a year or so ago. I had heard rumblings about all of it for some time, but never really paid much attention. I had other pressing things to address. What got me to sit up and take notice was when I began to see my son's investment in Bitcoin shoot through the roof. He got in way early and now is looking at a sweet nest egg. I wasn't fortunate enough to get a jump on Bitcoin. Last I looked it had reached a high of $55k per coin!

I asked the Kid to start updating me on things that were happening in the crypto world. You know, the movers and shakers. I started reading things about it online.

Then, Dogecoin launched and I jumped on it at .08 a coin/share/whatever.

Doge has a very active and fun community of investors who are, well...INVESTED! Doge is growing in popularity, too. With such famous backers as Elon Musk, Mark Cubin of Shark Tank, Guy Fieri, and others, people are taking notice. Cubin has put feet to words too by allowing basketball fans to purchase Dallas Mavericks tickets with Doge. Other retailers are getting into the game, too. Right now, at the time of this writing, I could purchase a top of the line, bleeding edge computer system entirely with DOGE from Newegg. That's crazy cool!

I've also invested in a newer crypto called SHIBA INU. This crypto is still, at the time of this writing, sub one cent, so you can scoop up millions for a very small investment. It has potential and I'm watching all my crypto do their thing through Coinbase.

Coinbase is like a one-stop shop for crypto, both accessible on your desktop as well as their smartphone app. Not only can you keep an eye on your investments, but you can also access and utilize a wallet, allowing you to send and receive crypto. Suppose I want to tip you for a service you've provided me. I could use my wallet and send you some coinage. Or I could ask for payment from someone in DOGE or other cryptos. Cool, huh? Coinbase will be making your wallet DOGE accessible soon. It may have happened already, so check it out. BTW, it's free to open a Coinbase account.

To keep all my crypto safe as a kitten, I keep it in an offline hardware wallet. This keeps it safe from any sort of hacking of the exchanges or other issues that may arise. The one I use is easy to use, safe and secure from a company that's been in the biz from the start, and less expensive than most other crypto hardware wallets.

I presently use RobinHood (you can get free stocks just for opening your free account!) to buy and sell my DOGE. For SHIBA INU, I chose for that. Hopefully, Coinbase will implement buying, selling, and wallets for both and I'll just need to go to a single place to manage all my investments and transactions.

Just some words to the wise. I don't know anywhere close to what I could, but have learned to simple basics that I want to pass onto you.

Crypto currency is a lot more volatile than regular stocks, so only invest what you can afford to lose. There seems to be milestones that once a crypto reaches, it's pretty stable from there, but does tend to go up and down a lot. There are no guarantees. Welcome to life! Haha. I think you're pretty safe with Dogecoin and that gets more apparent to me every day. SHIBA INU is tool early to tell, but something so cheap right now is definitely worth a shot.

When I was in grade school, we learned about stock market trading. Yes, I said grade school! Back in my day, we were actually taught useful stuff. One thing drilled into our heads was that trading and investing is NOT GET-RICH-QUICK! Never ever expect to become a millionaire overnight. That sort of thing would be like catching lightning in a bottle. While possible, it's never going to be an exception to the rule. Expect to be in it for the long haul. Prices fluctuate. Don't panic sell. Buy low, sell high. Keep calm and keep investing. Diversify. Build a nice portfolio. Rome wasn't built overnight and neither will your crypto be. HOLD, be wise, and enjoy the journey. :)

Anywho, I'm having a ton of fun and wanted to share what is happening with me so far. I'd encourage you to take the crypto currency plunge. I see good things happening on the horizon.



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