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Awesome, New Computer For Video Production And Gaming!

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Well, I took the every-half-decade plunge and bought myself a new computer for Christmas. Well, not a complete computer exactly, but all the groovy parts necessary to put together another muscle machine.

My present computer system is going on seven years old. It still does a good job for what I need it for: online marketing, editing videos and other YouTube work, and playing a decent number of games on Ultra-High Quality. I just figured it was time for an upgrade.

Just as a side note, I'm really into the newer Tomb Raider series, No Man's Sky, and Strange Brigade. Just so ya know. ;)

Here is my list of components which The Kid had graciously offered to put together for me (he did my present computer, too):

The Kid spent THREE HOURS researching all these parts for me to get the best bang for my buck as well as parts that will give me awesome performance for another 6-7 years. I have the best Kid EVER! Once it was delivered (I got free shipping on all of it!), he put it all together for me.

I'm sure everything will last longer than that. I'm not at all trying to keep up with the Jones', but since I am a gamer and video producer, I need to have a good computer that will do what I need to do and as quickly as possible.

The case has built-in lights inside that change colors, which is pretty groovy. If you look at the photo of the back of the case, above, you'll notice it has two extra slots for SDD drives. More drive space and totally out of the way! I ended up getting an extra drive and putting it back there. Got another slot to fill!

I really like the curved monitor I ended up getting. Great price for what it is, without breaking the bank, and it goes up to a 165Hz refresh rate, making things a lot smoother and easier on these old eyes.

I'll be keeping my present computer. Just not sure right now what to use it for. Any ideas as a video producer, content creator, and gamer, leave me a comment. What do you think?

Anywho, I'll be shooting some video and photos to show it off to you once it's all complete. Follow me on my YouTube channel and social networks to get those updates.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, gang, and I'll talk to you again real soon!



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