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My New LED Ring Light Is Perfect!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I love making videos for my YouTube channels and this new 6” LED camera ring light with tripod has made shooting indoors that much easier and better.

LED camera ring light
LED camera ring light

I grabbed this particular LED ring light off Amazon. There are a good number of them offered there, from all different companies, and all different prices.

I figured that I didn't need to spend a ton of money on a make-up diva light and could settle for something that would just work for what I needed.

I'm always into saving money where I can. As long as something is usable and does what I need it to do, I don't need the biggest, best, and a name brand. This particular LED ring light fit the bill perfectly.

Since I don't tend to have a lot of room around my desk area where my computer and cameras are, I wanted something compact enough to sit right on the desk. Check!

I wanted something that had multiple light settings so I could adjust it to the time of day, the sometimes-changing light of the room, and use it for nighttime as well as daytime videos. Check!

I wanted something I could move around easily depending on what I was using it for. A YouTube video, live stream, still photo, or whatever. Check!

The included desktop tripod is the perfect height for my camera placement. The ring light has your typical tripod mount size hole, so you can choose to use it on any other tripod you may have.

led dimmable ring light

This LED ring light has three light temperature settings (white, warm yellow, and warm white) and 11 brightness levels. Absolutely perfect for every need!

It gets it's power from a USB source, so I can easily plug it into my computer without fumbling around for a wall outlet and a pretty good length of cord.

This also allows me to plug it into the USB in my car or a power bank if I need a little more light or want to even do a nighttime food review (I have a fast food review channel called Old Nerd Reviews and I tend to do a lot of food reviews in the car.).

Best of all, as I stated before, it is meeting all my needs perfectly and I didn't have to break the bank to do it! WIN – WIN! If you want to peruse for a LED camera ring light for yourself, click this link and find the perfect one for you.

I hope this helps for your own video projects. Take care and I'll talk to you again real soon.


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