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Elgato Stream Deck Will Make My Live Streams Awesome!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I just got off my weekly live stream with my Crony Community on Old Nerd Reviews on YouTube and Twitch.  Tonight was very special because I did a fan box un-boxing and boy was it ever cool!  My live streaming on Twitch and YouTube just got taken to a whole new level!

If you missed the live chat which I do every Monday at 5 PM, Pacific, you can catch the replay here.  If not, you know exactly what I am going on about!  A dear user who goes by the name thatgadgetgirl sent me the Elgatro Stream Deck!

In a nutshell, the Elgato Stream Deck allows me to control every detail of my streams, social media, hardware functionality, and gaming at the touch of a button.  And it's all totally configurable!

Thanks so much again, thatgadgetgirl!  You've made this Old Nerd's year!

Follow me on Twitch for all the fun live streams and over on YouTube.




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