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My Video Camera Glasses Are Boss!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I've had a couple pairs of video camera glasses for quite a while now and they are so much fun to use! Whether I'm on assignment for my YouTube channel or traveling around strictly for recreation, these things fit the bill and are so cool to use.

I own a pair of Pivothead video glasses and a pair of iVUE video glasses. I really like them both for different reasons.

Aside from that one glaring difference, I love the video and audio quality that they both produce, with a nudge in the direction of the Pivotheads. Check out the quality for yourself.

First, the Pivotheads (720p, 60 fps):

Now, the iVUE glasses (1080p, 30 fps):

Both brands of video camera glasses come with the the options of shooting at either 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps. I prefer shooting video at 60 fps. It puts out the best quality and smoother video footage, especially in settings with a lot of fast movement, like the truck rally above.

Both brands of video glasses also have both clear and polarized lenses that pop right in and out of the frames easily, so you can record in the light and in the dark. If you want to take photos, both do that also.

Both brands are stylish looking and have some really nice options and features. With either pair on my face, it's nice to have that hands-free POV option to record videos. In action type of settings this is a must have for me.

You can check out all the choices:

Have fun with these! I certainly do!



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