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A New Thrill With My DJI Phantom Drone!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I did it! I finally got my hands on a drone to take my photo and video shoots to a whole new level and I am SO THRILLED!

A couple weeks ago, I was out scooting around on my electric shooter on a warm Fall day and came across a gentlemen in the neighborhood I was riding in flying his new drone. I stopped to talk with him and made some inquiries, which he was kind enough to take the time to indulge me. After a while, I let him be so that he could get back to enjoying himself and his new toy. “God, I would love to have a drone so that I could do some really awesome stock photo and video footage.” Two weeks later, a posts comes across my Facebook profile.

A friend of mine has posted that he wants to sell his DJI Phantom 3 Standard quad-copter drone since he has a brand new DJI Mavic Pro one. When he posted the price, I jumped at it! I asked a few questions as to why he was selling it (as I said, he got an upgrade) and if I could make payments to him.

Long story short, I have a new-to-me DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone and it's all very new and exciting. It's sturdy, solid, and flies very nicely. It's shoots in 2.7K (a happy medium between 1080 and 4K) has a lot of groovy features to it such as a follow mode that tells the drone to follow you, a point of interest mode where it will auto move and shoot around something you tell it to, a way-point mode, an auto-home feature to where if it gets too far out of range, it will return to you, and a bunch more. I can even live stream to Facebook from it!

dji phantom 3 standard drone

I'm taking my time to learn every detail about it. I've discovered I have an anxiety about having an expensive camera hovering in the air! Haha. I know I'll get over it. It's really been fun so far taking some test footage and I'll be posting some solid footage for you to wow over very soon.

If you're interested in taking a look at the DJI (a big name in the drone world) line of drones, CLICK HERE. If you have a drone, I'd love to hear about your experiences and see any footage or photos you've shot with it. Leave a comment below.

It's a lovely day today so I'm taking it out! Talk to you soon. ;)


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