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My First Sale Of Stock Video Footage!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hola, gang!

This morning, I woke up to the following email:

"You have new BlackBox earnings!

Your footage "max-train-portland.mp4" has just been sold with an earning value of $16.60.

Note: Payment will be made on the 20th of next month.

Blackbox team."

I made my first sale of my stock video footage! Now, mind you, $16.60 isn't going to buy me a new car, but it's not the amount of money. It's the principle of another stream,m of passive income is beginning to role in. Besides, I've seen other stock photographers videos selling in the $100 and more ranges. It all adds up.

Keep in mind, there is no such things as totally hands-off passive income. In order to achieve passive income, there is work that needs to be done in the first place and maybe some occasional maintenance, depending on what you're doing. That said, once it's done, it's done, as in the case of stock photography. After that photo is taken or video is shot, uploaded, meta tagged, and submitted, that is all she wrote. I can sit back and watch the sales come in over and over again off of that single piece of content.

Multiple streams of passive income is the goal and the goldmine to freedom! I've been working at home for 12 years now because of the online work I do and most of it comes from passive income sources.

To do this stock photography thing, aside from my video and camera equipment, I use a free service called Blackbox. With Blackbox, all I need to do is submit my shot and edited video footage (no photos as of this writing), tag it up, submit it once and they will submit that footage to the top stock video sites. It makes this portion of the job so much easier. As I've said before, it's about working smarter, not harder.

Anyway, I am super encouraged today and I wanted to share my joy with you all! Paying it forward, if you are someone who enjoys taking photos or video and want to get into making some nice money with stock footage:

After that, get to work. Take quality footage and a lot of it. Quality and quantity will result in a passive income you can count on, over and over again. There is a lot of demand for stock photos and video, so why not hop on the gravy train?

Let me know if you start and what you're doing. I'd love to share your excitement!


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