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Unlimited Data Back-ups For $5!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Have you ever lost hard drive data? I have and for the longest of time I didn't learn the importance of backing up that data. I recently discovered Backblaze and it is major cool!

In my day, data backups were both fairly expensive and really obnoxious to do. The hassle of it all seemed more trouble than taking the chance of data loss. Now that hard drives are a lot larger and a lot cheaper, there is more to lose for me than ever before. Since I've gotten into video and stock footage and images, there is so much more at risk and I'm just not willing to take that chance any more.

A streamer on Twitch recently turned me on to Backblaze. This service is one of the biggest DUH no-brainers there is! You can sign up and back up unlimited data for only $5 a month. Not only to the service, but also to the all-mysterious cloud. Let me say that again and I don't think I'll need to convince any of you how groovy this is: Unlimited data backup for $5 a month! Crazy, right?

I have 3 one terabyte hard drives and it took around a week to get it all backed up to Backblaze, but now that it is, I just let it do it's stuff or do a manual backup at my leisure and it simply backs up what is new and adjusts everything accordingly. Doing any restores is just as easy.

Don't be a dork like I was and take the chance of losing it all. Click on my referral link to sign up today and you and I will both get a month for free. As if $5 a month is going to break either of us, but every little bit helps.



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